silvery, silvery
the balloon rises high
when she snaps her fingers
brightly glowing the sun melts
orange on the hot glass
the thick mass dripping from the edge
burning a hole into the blue and white
that was sprinkled
in tiny wooly flocks
here and there
by a pale thin hand

softly, softly
but with no intention to return
the crack breaks wider and wider
begins to draw a net over her face
like if it were Vermeer
who was waiting for 300 Spartan years
to see the result of his colors’ drying

patiently, patiently
the pony waits the rain to end
and then waits his flanks to dry
while the snowy summits
mirror in his eyes

white sharp zig-zagging
on the unlimited surface
of a deep-black pearl

golden, golden
golden flies the feathered flash
shot from the marble rainbow
with that plinking-planking sound
made by colorful strings
while a smile arises
and from the halls of fame
a whispering of thousand voices
murmuring a familiar name

Don’t show – tell!

der Blick versperrt den Blick
aufs Wesentliche
wenn wir nur starren aufs Starren
erstarren die Dinge im Bild
gerinnen im Kristall
gleich wie flüssig auch immer

der Sprache verschlägt’s die Sprache
wenn sie nur schweigen kann
vom Unsagbaren
träge ist der Schall und schwach
bricht sich an Mauern
zerbricht in Echos
echot im Zerbrochenen

als die Sprache noch
Gesang war
noch nicht Gedanke
war sie nah und warm

das war
als der Blick noch ging
von innen nach außen
als wir noch nicht herumstanden
in unseren eigenen Bildern
sondern geborgen waren
im Anblick derer, die
uns liebten

Brim Broker: Sweeping the crumbs from the timetable

torn tale

Brim Broker looked on the hourglass on his wrist then back into the petri dish. The sweet tiny mutants haven’t mutated now for more than twenty-four hourglass-turns. They again seemed having reached their intermediate state of stability. Brim Broker took a sip out of his coffee-cup, which was with 372,15 degrees Kelvin still too hot (he had brewed it in the laboratory’s nuclear hyper spin pile) and burnt his upper lip and a part of his handlebar moustache. His handlebar moustache was all his pride, formerly his upper lip was too, as he used to bee a famous kisser. But since he gave up the kissing-thing due to too much heart-diseases connected with that, the status of his lips wasn’t any more that important to him. Another glance on the hourglass told him, that he had to turn the hourglass, and so he did. The hourglass had to be turned every forty-fifth split second. This may sound like a very small period to us, but as Brim Broker was chief laboratory engineer of the MAGTIME – the magnificent time magnifying experiment – and since he sat already since fivethousandfivehundred split seconds right in the middle of that experiment, such for us very little period felt to him like an entire day.

The MAGTIME was setup when they had discovered that our time here on this marvelous habitat called earth is limited. Before people were living as if everything were for free and unlimitedly available. But no, they realized that nothing is unlimited. Water is limited, air is limited, time is limited, even the use of data is limited and also love is limited. For everything there is just a certain amount available to be consumed. When the limit is reached, it is done. They realized that everything will come to an end. That astonishing discovery was made by a little girl named Brinda sitting on a windowsill, while she was watching the perfectly full moon in a bleak midwinter’s night. The discovery could be reduplicated on numerous occasions on other places and times by other persons, boys and girls sitting worldwide on windowsills, watching the perfectly full moon and having the same illumination: everything is limited, everything has an end.

Thus, there has been set up the MAGTIME, an experiment to find out if there is any possibility to avoid the problem of limited time by expanding time through “gonflage internale”. “Internal blow-up” – a French term first used by the 18th century philosopher Antoine Honoré de Brouboncourt, who in several obscure essays worked on the idea of expanding time by slowing it down. In his century de Brouboncourt was treated as an outcast, following weird and dangerous ideas and consequently he ended up in a lunatic asylum. Funny enough that the discovery of the limitation of everything, which lead back to Brouboncourt’s obscure ideas, has been made by girls and boys watching the MOON (luna!).

Brim Broker had discovered in several experiments, that mutating time-particles were responsible for the ongoing of time. His theory was, that if he could hinder the time-particles to mutate or if he were able to slow down the mutation process, he would be able to stop time or at least to decelerate it. He also had discovered that the time particles live in the cells of our bodies.

Brim already had made some efforts in slowing down the time, mainly by inventing the hyper-time-compressor-pile, the HYTCOMP. But it firstly used large amounts of energy – which also is limited, the MAGTIME only was one amongst several experimental efforts to unlimit the amount of time, water, air, data and love. Even worse was, that secondly the through the HYTCOMP in the experiment gained amount of time had to been paid back in the very moment, when the experiment ended. The longer an experimental phase of time-expansion or -compression – which seems to be a contrary but in reality is the same – the longer such phase lasted, the bigger was the lack of time after. So, for example after such an experiment Brim came notoriously too late to work for weeks, as he always was in lack of time. It seemed that he had to pay back personally the gain of time in the experiment afterwards. The problem was circular and tautologic: Anything which has an end cannot be endless. Thus, Brim should have invented the never-ending-experiment to solve the problem of ending, an impossible thing to do: You already have to have the solution to find the solution – no way!

Brim rubbed his burnt, aching upper lip. Suddenly he had the idea: Hastily he grabbed his phone, browsed hastily his contacts. There she was: Anin Bruma! – The last girl, by whom he had been kissed. His memory of her kisses was still as vital as if it had been just the day before. He hadn’t talked to Anin since their last kiss, since already … he wasn’t able to count the uncountable split seconds which had been passed since, the billions of billions of time-particle mutations in his cells since that last kiss, which has been also his own last kiss. Unexpectedly the phone didn’t even ring one single time and someone picked up the phone at the other end saying in this indescribable warm voice, letting the “r” roll and vibrate: “Brrrrim? Is it you?”

The other day Anin came into Brim’s laboratory and the experiment was successful: As soon as Anin and Brim started kissing, the time-particles stopped to mutate, and they kept not mutating as long as Luna and Brim kept kissing. – So, they decided not to stop kissing and surely, they still kiss, as they can’t die if they kiss. The solution has already been there, since ever, forever.


Das Ende beeinflusst den Anfang, weil es ja das ist, auf das der Anfang hingeht. Womöglich hat die Zukunft viel mehr Einfluss auf die Gegenwart, als die Vergangenheit es hat, denn diese ist ja schon abgeschlossen, aber die Zukunft noch offen.

[23:48] omikron

[18:42]   bei Ebbe hinaus bis zum Meeressaum
[18:43]   Wind reißt sich die Worte vom Mund
[20:00]   das Gurren deiner Stimme
[20:00]   ein Knistern und Paspeln
[20:08]   das Meer, schwarz im abendlichen Hintergrund
[21:08]   weicher Widerschein auf deinen Fingernägeln
[20:09]   deine weißen Zähne
[20:11]   Dunkel in deinen Augen
[20:12]   deine Wangenknochen vom Bildhauer gearbeitet
[20:13]   deine Pupillen vom Wetter gemacht
[20:15]   aus Sturmresten und Meeresbrausen
[21:27]   das Stiegenhaus
[21:28]   vom Tischler gemacht
[21:29]   knarzt und ächzt
[21:30]   der schwere Schlüsselanhänger
[21:31]   groß, kühl, metallen
[21:32]   die Zimmernummer eingestanzt
[21:33]   abgegriffen der Schriftzug des Hotelnamens
[21:34]   das Dunkel ist so graublau wie das Meer draußen
[21:35]   das leise rauscht
[21:35]   das weise lauscht
[21:37]   sich bauscht
[21:31]   die Türe fällt satt schmatzend ins Schloss
[21:32]   Nachttischlampe mit blindem Schirm
[21:35]   Meer, ein ausgebreiteter blauer Mantel
[21:36]   unser beider Blicke treffen einander in seien Falten
[21:37]   wir sind Juwelen, gefasst
[21:38]   gefasst wie Juwelen
[22:00]   im Schädel schwimmt Gehirn
[22:12]   Instinkt lässt limbisch finden
[22:14]   Geschmack ist Versprechen
[22:00]   versprochen ist versprochen
[22:01]   und wird nicht mehr gebrochen
[22:27]   da ist nur dein Blick
[22:27]   und das kleine o in deinem Gesicht
[23:49]   Gebrochenes war noch weit

geh heim

offenes Geheimnis
wie die Galaxien
bewegen sich
im Tanz
gleich ob himmlisch oder menschlich
die Körper
verbunden in Liebe
manche sagen Gravitation
und suchen Formeln
es reichen Formen

verschlossenes Geheimnis
in Zeichen erscheint
die Haut
manche sagen es wäre die Zeit
doch es sind die Träume
die aufflackern
zeichne sie nach

wenn die Stille
übergeht ins Fluten
eines Stroms aus Worten
eines Broms aus Horten
wenn die Fülle
übergeht ins Bluten
eines Schwalls aus Plättchen
eines Halls von Kettchen
die aus den Zweigen hängen
einer Esche
mit der Krone einer Königin

wenn der Pflug die Krume bricht
wenn die Milch aus der Narbe quillt
versuche ich meine Sinne zu sammeln
doch meine Sinne sind so sinnlich
dass nichts Sinnvolles werden will
als nur Unfug
in Lettern verfasst
im Innenfutter meines marinen Mantels
den leg ich auf die Scholle
die Insekten kennen den Code
die Zeit zu vertreiben
aus dem Leim zu gehen
den Frieden zu pfählen
den Zucker zu fassen

geh aus mein Herz
und suche Freud
geh heim mein Herz
und finde Fried

alle Augen dieser Welt
tragen jene Sehnsucht
in allen ist sie
jeder ist allein

jeden Tag

an einem Tag wie diesem
an diesem grauen Tag
der ist wie jeder andre
wenn die Rücken der Bücher
sich bohren in mein Genick
wenn die grobe Wolle
ihr Muster treibt
in mein Gesicht

an solchen Tagen
die sind wie jeder andre
der vorübergeht
wie eine Unbekannte
Variable gleich welcher Art
an solchen Tagen
fallen die Schatten

an einem Tag wie diesem
öffnetest du die Tür
herein fiel dein Schatten
dann brach durch dein Hauch
Atmen ward möglich sofort
Licht fiel herein
Farbe und Ton
deine Silhouette stach
gegen einen Himmel
blau, noch nie gesehen
deine Hand strecktest du aus nach mir
selbst die Schatten hatten Farbe nun

an einem Tag wie diesem
schlossest du die Tür
hinter dir
nahmst deinen bunten Schatten mit
dein Glitzergold
deinen Hauch
zogst deine Hand zurück
deinen Atem wieder ein

seither ist jeder Tag wieder
wie dieser
ich warte
dass sich die Tür wieder öffne
und einfalle dein bunter Schatten
der sich streckt nach mir
doch nur die Bücher stechen
ihre Rücken mir in den Nacken
die grobe Wolle stickt mir
ihr Muster ins Gesicht
jeden Tag